Cooking Knife Skills - Coppell

Cooking Knife Skills - Coppell

September 14, 2017

Ages: 7+

Class Description:

Ready, Set, Cook!

Learning comes alive in the Chefsville kitchen, where kids mix math, simmer science, and taste geography! Kids will remember this for the rest of their lives.

Basic knife skills are important in order to make food incredible. Students will learn knife safety, parts of the knife, and produce different cuts with different ingredients. Preparing a meal using a variety of techniques from the items we use, this class will build confidence in the kitchen while promoting safety.

Parents must sign allergen waiver before class. No open toed shoes or dangling jewelry allowed. Long hair must be put in ponytail or braid.

Supply fee of $12 due to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Kids will be delighted as they see how beautifully cut food adds to the class of service. Watch their confidence build day-by-day in this exciting program with seasonally changing menus. Food will look better than you ever imagined. The results of their hard work become dinner. Safety will be enforced.

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