Girl Scouts Junior Meals - Richardson

Girl Scouts Junior Meals - Richardson

March 19, 2016

Chefsville: Excellent Health Cooking Made Easy - Course #  86805

This program has been changed to Girl Scouts Junior Meals Cooking

Ages: 9 Yrs. and over

Fees: $12 + $10 Supply fee for instructor

Girl Scouts Meals Merit for Juniors - this is a wonderful chance to join in with other Girl Scouts to earn the Meals merit badge. Chefsville, part of the Girl Scouts of North East Texas GPS, has been doing this badge for five years and has enjoyed delivering this program to over 75 troops.

Healthy Cooking Description:
Cooking and enjoying foods that build better nutrition is made fun and exciting in this hands-on program with Chefsville. This food is vibrant, beautiful, tasty and extremely satisfying. Learn about ingredients, equipment, cooking techniques and great recipes to keep you healthy and strong. Let us help you bring nutrition to your table. Instructor: Horwitz

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