Sauces - Carrollton

Sauces - Carrollton

September 10, 2016

Class Description:
Sauces, reductions, and emulsions! It's all in the sauce! Kids will learn about great simple sauces that go with chicken, beef, and fish.

This hands-on session will serve chicken Italian style with pasta.

Kids will make a sauce and use it on their chicken. Kids will learn how to make sauces from scratch with healthy ingredients and fresh herbs.

Simple pan sauces that kids can make will be covered along with kitchen safety and information about the nutritional value of chicken. Dessert will be a chef's choice where kids use molecular gastronomy.

Course #: 170104

Ages 7+

Cost: $17 resident / $19 non-resident plus $12 supply fee due to instructor on the first part of the class.

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