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Are all Flours the Same

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Whenever someone enjoys baking, ultimately this question comes up…What’s the Difference? Cake Flour, Pastry Flour, All-Purpose Flour, and Bread Flour Kids love cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Adults love these, but also enjoy breads of all kinds. If you make bread every weekend or have an obsession with cakes, it makes sense to keep specific flours for those recipes on-hand. But what about the rest of us? Is there such a big difference between these flours or can all-purpose flour really be used for all purposes?! First, what’s actually the same about all these flours is that they are made from wheat. What makes them different is how they’re milled, what kind of wheat they’re made from, and even what time of year the wheat was harvested. But what it really all boils down to is protein content. Protein content is directly related to how much gluten can be formed …


Chefs In School Initiative

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1st Class Kids hails Michelle Obama’s “Chefs Move to School Initiative” On May 13, 2010 Assistant White House Chef and Food Initiative Coordinator, Sam Kass announced “Chefs Move to Schools” Program.Our 1st Lady started the groundbreaking of the White House Kitchen Garden more than a year ago, educating students about planting seeds, harvesting vegetables, about health and nutrition. The 1st Lady started a discussion on the role food plays in living a healthy life. The discussion grew into the Let’s Move! campaign and like the garden – it just keeps on growing! The Chefs Move to Schools program is an opportunity for chefs around the country to adopt a local school to help solve the childhood obesity epidemic within a generation. In the words of the Mrs. Obama: We are going to need everyone’s time and talent to solve the childhood obesity epidemic and our Nation’s chefs have tremendous power …


Food Revolution !!!

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1st Class Kids/Chefsville hails Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” This is Chef Scott reporting on Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” which premiered tonight on our local ABC affiliate. This was a long awaited program. The episode definitely showed some of what we are working to overcome with our Chefsville programming. Let me start by saying we’ve encountered so many people who support us:teachers, medical professionals, dietitians, nutritionists, culinary schools, city council and mayors, school district superintendents, principals, senators and congresspeople. However, when we bring our programming to school districts, we found our challenges. First challenge was to educate the children on the USDA Then we add to it fun and exciting relays that get the kids going. Next kids are introduced to kitchen safety, then finally, cooking and nutrition. Jamie started at the grass roots in Huntington, West Virginia by arriving there and heading into the largest radio station to declare …


Processed Foods

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  Chef Scott suggests that most of the daily food intake be fresh. The 2nd best suggestion would be to use frozen fruits and vegetables. Another suggestion would be to have a 90% fresh to 10% processed food ratio for daily food intake for health. It is a real shame that most Americans reverse these numbers then wonder why they are not healthy.