Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Chefsville Volunteer!

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If you care to:

  • learn new cooking skills,
  • provide educational instruction or support,
  • promote keeping kids safe in the kitchen,
  • help others avoid obesity,
  • turn your time into gold that benefits everyone,
  • connecting with your community then

come and join the fight against family violence, abuse and neglect!

The kitchen is a place where much violence and abuse takes place. The skills and modeling of parent skills that our programs offer help reduce family violence, abuse and family neglect.

Start by completing the volunteer application and your availability to volunteer!

Volunteer help is needed:

  • administrative work
  • build our website
  • work with social media
  • promote our programs
  • test great recipes
  • setup Town Hall Meetings
  • locate places for our programs
  • introducing our programs to celebrities
  • deliver programs to families across North Texas

Volunteers help families shine!

Employment opportunities please click here .

One thought on “Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Francis Julie Apsara Amalraj

    Hello Team,

    I would be greatly interested in volunteering.
    So If there is a need please get in touch.

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