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The need for Adopt-a-Sous-Chef: For many years, Chefsville has been an influential and exciting part of the lives of children and youth. As an educational nonprofit, we dedicate time to connecting cooking with family, community and academics.

Some of the fondest memories in life are created around food and our program gives children the gift of cooking, a lifelong skill that will enable them to create lasting memories of their own. Learning comes alive in our kitchen classroom, where we mix math, simmer science, and taste geography!

We currently have a waiting list of over 35 students that cannot afford to be in our program but would be blessed if afforded the opportunity. That number only continues to grow so we have created the “Adopt-a-Sous-Chef” program which allows individuals, local businesses and educational community partners to “adopt” a child within the community so they can attend our program.

To make this giving more personal and relational, we will give each sponsor a specific child to “adopt”. The sponsor will then be given some background information about that child!

Your one time gift of $162 will bless a child with 9-11 weeks of cooking lessons, education, and friendship. Adopt-a-Sous-Chef keeps kids in a fun learning environment.

If you, your company, or a group of friends are interested in changing a child’s life, please contact us as soon as possible at


Please help us spread the word and bless lives in our community!

*All sponsorship adoptions are 100% tax deductible*

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