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Chefsville offers cooking classes, camps, and clubs in the DFW Metroplex.

Our mission is to promote family togetherness. We raise awareness of family issues such as childhood obesity, family violence, abuse and neglect. Chefsville provides life-skill education to help families overcome these issues.

Our goal is to get friends and families together around food and nutrition.

Our vision is to bring families closer together by spending quality time together.

We accomplish this by offering our signature cooking programs:

Chefsville adults
Chefsville Kids kids
Chefsville Nutrition teens
Chefsville Safety pre-school


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In the last twenty years, everyone has been more interested in learning to cook. In part, this is due to all of the creative cooking programs on TV. Also, great movies have been made such as “Tortillas Soup”, “Chef”, “The Hundred-Foot Walk” and “Burnt”.  Having the ability to cook empowers people with confidence, creativity and the ability to solve problems. It is wonderful to go into the kitchen and imagine what may be done for mealtimes.

Cooking demonstrates gives one the encouragement that they can do it also.

Cooking classes are a great 1st step. Chefsville programs immerse our clients into the world of discovery as they learn about the many ingredients, equipment, techniques and cultures. Food is never boring. For those into healthy eating, our Chefsville: Nutrition programs educate in a fun environment. All of our programs break down almost any recipe and turn it into something fun, exciting, and healthy.

Normally class size is under 18 people and can run anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half. Focus is on either an ingredient, cooking technique, style of cuisine, or use of equipment. Chefsville and Chefsville Kids cover food and equipment safety as well as engaging with hands-on activities. We eat what we make, which is always fun.

One of the great benefits of increased interest in cooking has led to more variety and selection at grocery and specialty stores. This also pushes more interest in learning techniques and recipes. And there is more: creative expression. It is one thing to follow a recipe, but something else to modify it to what you like. The end result of learning is empowerment. With cooking, it gives our clients the empowerment to try new things and make them  the way they would like.

For your convenience, programs are offered also in the evenings and on weekends for adults. Kids and teen programs are usually during the day and throughout the school year.

A study conducted over five years showed students of our programs scored higher on Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) reading and math tests than students who did not participate in Chefsville Kids programs.

Students who participated in our programs as part of their academic course load showed:

  • consistent, positive academic development in core subjects;
  • have a positive attitude about school;
  • showed lower dropout rates than students who do not participate in the arts; and
  • demonstrate increased motivation.


Chefsville is an educational non-profit, created in 2006 by Chef Scott Horwitz. Programming started with libraries in 2008 and schools in 2009. Chefsville delivers assembly programs and classroom programs to schools. PTAs and school principals may choose our after-school cooking clubs. Over 200 public schools have benefited from Chefsville programming in Dallas, Allen, Carrollton/Farmer’s Branch, Garland, Irving, McKinney, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, Sachse, and Wylie. Chef Scott works with between 10,000-50,000 kids per school year connecting cooking with math, science, language arts and social studies. Program ages are 3 years old and up with our Food Appreciation program.