SAGE – Special And Gifted Education

Chefsville SAGE Enrichment

The enrichment programs are designed to be a thoughtful and entertaining introduction to the activities which focus on problem solving, critical and creative thinking.

Steam framework (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) is utilized in a fun and practical way while developing life-skills. Social and team work skills are developed through our Chefsville Kids program. Kids go on incredible adventures of discovery while they connect cooking to all of the academics and social learning objectives for their age and abilities.

Chefsville provides enrichment services to meet the unique needs and abilities of SAGE students.

Chefsville provides activities which develop the skills needed for critical thinking, problem solving, logic, higher-order thinking, creativity, and research

Chefsville SAGE programs help develop in students an awareness of, and positive attitudes toward, their giftedness

Chefsville provides opportunities for the interaction of gifted children

Chefsville programs provide students with time to discover and explore topics of individual interests through cooking.

Chefsville curriculum and instruction meet the needs of gifted students by modifying the complexity, pace and application of academics taught in the general school services.

S.A.G.E. students will have the opportunity to:

·   Work together as a group

·   Work with other gifted students

·   Work independently

For creativity, Chefsville SAGE students will develop an understanding of creativity skills involving spatial reasoning, attribute listing, fluency, originality, and elaboration.

Gifted and talented students will have a continuum of in depth learning experiences, including independent research that will lead to the development of advanced level products and/or performances.