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Identifying kitchen dangers

[unordered title=”Use your senses:” align=”left”] [line]sight – what do you see,[/line] [line]smell – is anything burning,[/line] [line]touch – carefully feel around.[/line] [/unordered]
[/text-box] [text-box] Identifying kitchen dangers is really going to help keep each person safe. Being aware of what is around you is an important life-skill.

Start when entering into the kitchen. Take a moment to observe what is around you. Start with the floor, is it safe to walk on? Then go to the counters. Is there anything that may fall off and cause injury? Next go for the appliance doors and be sure they are closed tightly. Then check the microwave, is it on?

Safety Kitchen Dangers Electric

Safety Kitchen Dangers Fire Hazards
Safety Kitchen Dangers Slips Trips and Spills

Can you identify kitchen dangers from these pictures?
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