Boy Scouts Cooking Safety Page 3 Washing Hands

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Washing Hands

[unordered align=”left”] [line]Step 1. Wet your hands[/line] [line]Step 2. Dispense soap[/line] [line]Step 3. Lather for at least 20 seconds[/line] [line]Step 4. Rinse with water[/line] [line]Step 5. Dry, if using a throw-away towel keep it for Step 6[/line] [line]Step 6. Use damp towel to clean handles and faucet for the next person.[/line] [/unordered]
[/text-box] [text-box] Washing hands is very important. Especially when working around food. Unkept hands can make others sick.

Start by having a towel next to you to dry your hands. Turn on the sink and wet your hands. Then place only few drops (2 or 3) of dish soap or a shot of foam soap on your hands. Else, use bar soap. The important thing is to have your hands wet so that the soap will spread over your hands and any other areas you are washing.

Next, you want to lather those hands, wrists, and lower arms. Lather for about 20 – 30 seconds. Just think a few thoughts and then you should be ready to give a rinse.

After rinsing, then use the towel. If using a throw away towel such as paper towels, I use those to do something really classy. I wipe down the top of the sink and faucet handles so they are dry for the next person.

Washing Hands
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When to wash hands

[unordered align=”left”] [line]Before touching food or utensils[/line] [line]Before eating[/line] [line]After eating[/line] [line]Before and after using the bathroom[/line] [line]After coughing, sneezing or blowing nose[/line] [line]After touching your hair or face.[/line] [line]After handling raw meat, poultry or fish[/line] [line]After handling toxic or hazardous substances[/line] [line]After handling dirty electronic panels such as keyboards, touch screens, and phones[/line] [/unordered]