Boy Scouts Cooking Safety Page 4 Burn Prevention

Cooking Merit Badge Health & Safety

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Kitchen Burn Prevention

[unordered] [line]Do not touch stove top or oven door;[/line] [line]Lower sink water temperature;[/line] [line]Unplug appliances when not being used;[/line] [line]Keep curtains, potholders, towels, and any other combustibles away from cooking areas;[/line] [line]Be aware of children playing in the kitchen; [/line] [line]Dress for safety in the kitchen and[/line] [line]Avoid reaching over the stovetop when cooking and watch your sleeves.[/line] [/unordered]
[/text-box] [text-box] Burn prevention is one of the most important knowledge points of safety.


Video from Detroit Fox network with Kohls regarding burn prevention safety

[text-box] [unordered title=”Stove and Oven Protection:”] [line]Always use dry oven mitts or potholders to lift hot things.[/line] [line]Keep hot handles turned towards the center of the stove.[/line] [line]When checking under the lid of a pot, tip the lid away from your face to allow the steam to escape.[/line] [line]When walking past people with anything hot, yell “coming through with hot stuff!“[/line] [line]When hot items are too heavy or unstable always ask for help.[/line] [line]Wear close fitting clothing and jewelry that does not dangle, this will prevent getting caught on hot items.[/line] [line]Wear an apron to keep clothing close to your body and away from heat sources.[/line] [/unordered]

It is always important to use dry oven mitts or potholders to life hot things. Wet oven mitts or towels can steam up quickly creating burns when touching hot items.

The kitchen is supposed to be a place where one can be inventive and creative. It is awesome to make something out of a bunch of ingredients. Its fun using all of the ingredients, equipment and making beautiful presentations for food.

Safety is the first most important practice in the kitchen. If one can’t be safe, then how can others be? Take time to really think through reasons why kitchen safety must be practiced by everyone. Nobody wants cuts, burns, or accidents to happen.
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