Boy Scouts Cooking Safety Page 7 Fire and Heat

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Fire and Heat Safety

Turn pan handles toward the back of the stove. This will help avoiding bumping into these hot cooking devices.
Keep cloth items away from the stove or source of fire (campfire, stove, burner). Avoid items that could easily catch fire.

Use only dry mitts, towels or heat protection. Wet protection can steam up quickly, and steam burns. Steam gets hotter than boiling water.

Keep a charged fire extinguisher nearby. This will help put the fire out quickly and avoid further damage.

Wipe up all grease spills immediately. This removes flammable matter that could ignite into fire, plus clean-up will go faster without messy spills.

Know where lids and coverings are at all times before stepping up to cook.

In case of a fire:
1) smother it with a lid or cookie sheet;
2) If it is a grease fire, never use water as this can cause the fire to spread. Be prepared!
If an oven fire starts, close the oven door and turn off the oven. Common sense!

Wear close-fitting clothes to reduce the chances of those items catching fire. Do not wear loose long sleeves or dangling jewelry. Avoid anything that hangs off that can dangle near a fire.

Be careful when moving heavy pots of hot liquid. First know where you are moving the pot to. Also have the correct protection from heat while you are carrying it to its destination.

When frying foods, take care not to get grease splatter on you. Grease splatter happens when oil comes in contact with water. Nobody likes getting splashed with oil.

Always know where younger children and animals are. Also do not horseplay in or near the cooking area. Small children should be supervised away from the cooking area. Animals should not be allowed near.

Its not just knowing about fire and heat safety, scouts need to imagine stepping in to avoid and help should these hazards happen.
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