Curious George: The Golden Meatball

Curious George

When Curious George was playing at the Eisemann Center in Richardson Texas, Chefsville was engaged to do a pre-program activity with kids who were coming to the show.

Since the story was Curious George: The Golden Meatball, our very own Chef Pisghetti look-alike was Chef Scott.

Chefsville crew along with Chef Scott brought the kids into making meatballs and then making two different golden sauces.

This is part of Chefsville Kids: Nutrition program in which healthier style meatballs and both golden sauces were made from scratch in just 45 minutes.

Chefsville demonstrated once again that they have the commitment to culinary adventures that connect cooking with literature while building awareness of healthy food and nutrition.


Eisemann Center (City of Richardson, TX) is one of many collaborations that Chefsville engages in the Dallas Metroplex. If your company or organization would like to offer Chefsville programming, please contact us below at the bottom of this page. Chefsville strongly supports community events to help build a healthier lifestyle for our local communities.

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