Girl Scout Brownies Snacks

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Girl Scouts Brownies Snacks

Snacks Cooking Badge

Looking for a fun and educational outing for your Girl Scout troop?

[unordered title=”Menu Example” align=”left”] [line]Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze[/line] [line]Turkey and Ham Inside-out Sandwiches[/line] [line]Orange Creamsicle Smoothies[/line] [line]Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon[/line] [/unordered]

For 2nd & 3rd graders, $22 per child.
[/text-box] [text-box width=”110%” align=”center”] Chefsville Kids™ has designed a set of cooking programs based on the new Girl Scout program requirements. These are hands-on cooking sessions filled with lively discussions and activities. Your girls will work with our chefs to measure, mix and prepare deliciously (and healthy) meals and snacks – all while they complete steps toward earning their new or Legacy Cooking Badges.

Young scouts will have fun in the kitchen as we create savory, sweet, and energizing snack foods and drinks that kids can easily prepare at home for themselves.

All of the following menu options fulfill the requirements for at least four of the five steps toward earning the Legacy Cook Brownie Badge, including step five – “slurp a snack”.

Energizing Snacks and Finger Foods – Scouts will practice mixing, measuring, and baking delicious and energizing foods fit for active kids and athletes alike.

Depending upon the season, Chefsville enjoys bringing in the freshest produce available. When it is pumpkin season, we’ll do a pumpkin dip that is healthy and nutritious.

During asparagus season in the spring, we’ll do asparagus wrapped in ham. In the summer, this program may include a melon salad or melon wrapped in ham. Or how about a mango salad? Kids will be amazed at the color of the seasonal bounty available to them. Chef Scott and his team will make the foods taste fantastic for the girl scouts.

Other menu choices include “puppy chow” trail mix, or working with chocolates.

All scout classes have a 6-child minimum or $132.00.

Scholarships are available and some classes may have corporate sponsors.

To schedule your event please email us at or call us at (972) 516-0325.
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