Girl Scouts Chefsville Cooking Programs

Girl Scouts Cooking Badges

Chefsville Kids™ has designed a set of cooking programs based on the new Girl Scout program requirements. These are hands-on cooking sessions filled with lively discussions and activities. Your girls will work with our chefs to measure, mix and prepare deliciously (and healthy) meals and snacks – all while they complete steps toward earning their new or Legacy Cooking Badges.

Chefsville Kids™ programs meet the criteria for all presented Girl Scout merit badges, patches and awards. Activities cover kitchen/food safety, menu planning, cultural themes, etiquette, even shopping with a chef. STEM is integrated through hands-on exploration making learning come alive. Scouts will remember these programs for the rest of their lives. Chefsville Kids™ Girl Scout Programs connect math, science, and technology with cooking.

Cost: $22-26 per scout includes food.

Duration: 1.5 to 2.5 hours, clean up time extra

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    • chefscott

      Hello Milica,

      Thank you for your comment. What state/city is your troops’ general area? We are doing some live programs and if your program has enough scouts we can travel to OK or AR.

      We do only offer these programs virtually outside of Texas due to all of the different pandemic safeguards. Please contact us at if you want to schedule a virtual program.

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