Home-School Groups

Bring Chefsville programs to your home-school group.

Culinary Adventures that connect cooking with families, community and the academics.

Chefsville is an educational non-profit. Our mission is to build family and community relationships through art and cooking. Chefsville does have a baking program, however, Chefsville is about healthy approach to food wherein a healthier menu is brought to these programs based on today’s health and nutrition/wellness research. Kids will remember this for a lifetime. Chefsville programs encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Chefsville has a variety of programs: Art Chefs, Math Chefs, Science Chefs, Space Chefs, Language Chefs, History Chefs and Social Study Chefs. Please see our website for additional topics.

Chefsville comes to your location. We meet in your home, library, church, or parks and recreation center, community center, meeting room, school, or in kitchens around the Metroplex. Basically all that is required is access to water and trash.

Session length: Our programs meet for 2.5 – 3 hours depending upon the culinary project. Special projects can meet as long as needed.

Home-school groups can have Chefsville programming either once a week or for an entire week at a time. Chefsville offers flexible schedules to meet your group’s need.

Student/Instructor Ration: 1:10

Students Ages: 3 – 18 years old Minimum Group Size: 3

Program Size: Chefsville programs generally have 4 – 50 students depending upon the size of the facility having the program.

About Chefsville Programs: Project based learning with most of our program activities are hands-on. Our Chef Instructors preview with a demonstration, then kids jump right on into the activity. Chefsville varies activities into groups or individual learning exercises.

Unit Topics: Lewis and Clark, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese, and Rain Forest Cuisine. Math Chefs: Measuring; Science Chefs: Motion, Force & Energy; Language Chefs: Describing Food in words; History Chefs: The Explorers; History Chefs: The Great State of Texas; What Presidents Brought to the White House; and History Chefs: The Great Texas Indians. Please visit our website for more. If the subject is there, we can cook it!

Cost: A range is given, as food costs vary per project. An example is seafood and shell fish programs costs more than working with fruits and vegetables.

Once a week for semester long programming or one time programs for unit studies cost ranges from $16-$24* per student per single session.

Week long programs cost ranges from $100-$129* per student per week depending upon program.

Multiple student per family discounts:
1st registration – Full price
2nd registration – 10% discount, lowest price course
3rd registration – 15% discount, lowest price course

*Call for special pricing.