Kids Cooking Plano – Ready, Set, Learn!

Chefsville offers many kids cooking Plano.

These programs include camps, classes and workshops. Many programs have been in libraries, schools, parks and recreation centers and scouting clubs.

For schools, Chefsville offers classroom curriculum support that connects cooking with the academics for grades PreK thru 12th grade.  Also Chefsville features its assembly programs for a wider audience. Kids learn about all kinds of math, science, language arts and social studies during our in-school programs. These programs last for 55 minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes.

Additionally Chefsville has after-school enrichment programs as well and this includes SAGE. During these after-school clubs kids cook all kinds of fun things like fresh pastas, breads, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, sauces, and proteins. Again these programs are 55 minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes depending upon the school’s need.

Chefsville offers a variety of activity sheets and recipes that kids take home to further engage their exploration of a variety of topics. There are so many ingredients, equipment to use and cultures that nobody gets bored when it comes to cooking.

Chefsville Kids’ goal is to help kids and families develop healthy eating habits and avoid obesity.

As of today, Chefsville Kids programs where kids are cooking in Plano have been in over 220 schools over the last 7 years. Our instructors have passed all SB9 security and excel with working with children.

Chefsville would love to be in your school. We encourage parents to contact their school’s PTA and principal to help us setup opportunities to come and play a role with your school.

Chefsville also offers math night, science night, diversity night, family night programming. For schools that offer parent/child engagement activities we have excellent high quality programs to meet your needs.

International nights are wonderful as well, as kids cooking in Plano include a study on international foods. During these programs kids cook up tasty treats for those who show up. Chefsville also does school health fairs and fundraising.

Chefsville offers opportunities for kids cooking in Plano. Contact us so that we can be part of your school or club. Get kids cooking in Plano. Visit our website to view our events calendar often.