Assembly Math Chefs




Food is a fantastic vehicle to provide an exciting learning adventure that will captivate students as they are the “STARS” in these grade level programs.

Students expand their discovery of the incredible world of cooking, health and nutrition through this workshop while they practically apply math into their daily lives. Students will be working with ingredients, tools and equipment in this workshop.

Chefsville has chef educators who are content creators. Therefore any of the desired TEKS can come to life through these cooking venues. Prior to any session or group of sessions, chef educators and classroom teachers may collaborate to insure that program meets classroom TEKS.

Classroom workshop is available after assembly program. Two classes can be in 1 workshop. Residency also available to reinforce and make lesson plans come alive.

Students will be working with ingredients, tools and equipment in this workshop.

Students are engaged in discussions, cooking activities and worksheets that use math principles allowing the students to make sense of their world while developing life-skills to make healthier choices for their success. Students will focus on real world applications using measurements, operations, fractions, reasoning, comparison/contrast, sequencing, geometry, graphs, processes, relationships, patterns, probability and other mathematical tools.

Students will learn that “Fresh is best!”, tools of the trade, be given age appropriate tasks and challenges, discover how to apply language arts and build their interest in reading and writing. Problem solving and critical thinking skills will be used as audience volunteers really get into this program.

Students will:

  • use their 5 senses to understand the real world connection between math and food
  • develop self confidence as they brainstorm, problem solve and use logical thinking to budget and use grocery lists
  • identify mathematics in everyday situations using objects, words, pictures, numbers & technology
  • learn about the MyPlate, using food labels & control portion sizes, kitchen safety & etiquette
  • work with different units of measure, fractions, weight versus volume, food costs and play at menu pricing
  • assemble simple dishes by using fresh ingredients, tools, and cooking techniques highlighting math in cooking
  • learn communication skills as they work together in small groups

Multiple classes can be involved at one time. This program is tailored to be appropriate for early, middle, or upper elementary grades. It can be TEKS – adjusted if requested by the teachers.Call 972-516-0325 to discuss.

Almost any TEK can be covered.

Chefsville Kids programs connect cooking with math, science, language arts and social studies. There are also out-of-school time programs such as cooking club available and also classroom curriculum support.

Assemblies available:  Monday-Friday, in-school dates only, 8:30am-2:15pm.

Math nights and evenings for PTA/PTO orgs

Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour depending upon grade level

Scheduling Deadline: 2 weeks in advance of our visit

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