Restaurant Reviews Beckley 1115 and Cathedral

I wanted to offer these two restaurant reviews if you are looking for quality and a great culinary experience at any time of the year. I give both of these a “Chefsville” 5-star review!

Beckley 1115 is headed by Chef Sharon Van Meter and The Cathedral Italian Bistro is headed up by Chef Luke Rogers

My wife and I truly wanted a great experience when we went to Beckley 1115 and we were not disappointed. The food, service, quality, environment, and company are top-notch. The only problem was I wanted everything on the menu. So we went back and had an equally wonderful experience. Chef Sharon Van Meter is a prized jewel here in the Dallas area. Celebrated for many great accomplishments and wonderful personality. Seeing her made us so happy. Actually, she has been a great force of motivation for Chefsville since I met her.

Her cooking style is amazing. The value and food quality were equal. Everything had wonderful flavor. Some of the dishes had herbs, others were seasoned perfectly with spices. The appetizers were just outstanding. Salads had deliciously fresh ingredients with fun things in them. Desserts are wonderful. Seasonal menu items are 10 out of 10. I just can’t say enough about this place. It makes me so happy. Service was attentive and excellent. The atmosphere was better than a trip to Hawaii. The wine list had something for the adult taste.

1115 North Beckley Ave Dallas TX

(214) 941-1115


Moving on to the Cathedral Bistro, there is a chef’s corner braved by Chef Luke Rogers. This young chef has accolades and a fantastic personality as well. He is able to keep his customers engaged in positive conversation while braving the fast pace of expediting dishes for other customers. Chef Luke just released his first cookbook and the restaurant highlights items therein. His menu has quality ingredients found in all kinds of settings from formal to fast casual. Pizzas are made by a professional who knows his craft. Chef Rogers surrounds himself with a wonderful team who have been with him for several years in this new establishment. Excellent steaks cooked in a wood fire oven. Fresh-made in-house various kinds of pasta grace incredible traditional dishes. We couldn’t eat everything there either so we went back. Several times over and I still haven’t had all of the menu as of yet.

The service will keep you coming back alone. The food quality is excellent. One item that stood out was their garlic knot rolls with wagyu beef marrow candles. But seriously the salads were stunning, the Branzino and other seasonal signature dishes are just the kind of comfort you want all year round.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting. There is a bar and TV sets which are just fun. The noise doesn’t come over to distract at the Chef’s Bar where there is seating for a dozen.

8103 Rasor Boulevard Suite #110 Plano, TX 75024

469-731-1020  Instagram

I strongly recommend these 2 signature, happy places and invite you to try them as well. I will also say that I promise you will not be disappointed. These chefs live for hospitality, community, family, and quality.

Let them know “Chefsville” sent you, please!

When you do go, also, please take pics and tell of your experience. Mention us at #chefsville so we can smile and know that we added value to your enjoyment.

Holiday Trends for 2022

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The holidays are a special time of year when warm and delicious smells fill the kitchen with love. This season, why not try something new and exciting? We’ve rounded up five of the highest-trending recipes for making your holiday extra special!

For those who are looking to spice things up, ethnic flavors like Mexican mole, Indian tikka masala, and Korean kimchi can be delightful additions to the traditional holiday spread. These recipes often call for ingredients like jalapeños, garam masala, or gochujang, so don’t forget your grocery list!

Another way to make this season different is by using unique cooking techniques like sous vide, smoking and fermentation. These methods can bring out flavors in food that you didn’t even know existed!

If you prefer a traditional holiday feast, try to make it your own by exploring cultural recipes from around the world. Recipes like Spanish paella, French coq au vin, or Italian lasagna are sure to impress your family and friends.

Finally, don’t forget about the sweet treats! Try adding seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice, orange, cranberry or peppermint to cookies, cupcakes and more. For a fun twist on traditional desserts, try making unique ice cream flavors like honey lavender or bacon maple.

This holiday season, make your meals extraordinary with a little extra effort. With the right ingredients, cooking techniques and cultural recipes, you can transform your meal into something truly special. Happy Holidays!

Kitchen Safety for the Holidays and Always

Kitchen safety with kids is important. Children are curious by nature and will want to explore your kitchen. It’s important to take some precautions to ensure their safety while in the kitchen. In this blog article, let’s look at 8 suggestions to keep kids safe (even during the holidays) in the kitchen.

1. Teach kids about Kitchen Safety Rules

It is important to teach your kids the kitchen safety rules. Explain to them why each rule is important and how to stay safe in the kitchen. Some of the most important kitchen safety rules for kids include:

– Stay clear of hot stoves and ovens

– Never reach for anything that is hot – use a pot holder or oven mitt to protect your hands

– Be careful when using sharp knives – always cut away from your body

– Wash hands thoroughly after cooking

2. Keep Kids Away from Kitchen Appliances and Tools

It is important to keep kids away from kitchen appliances and tools, especially during use. Kitchen appliances can be dangerous, especially if they are not used properly. Keep kids away from the stove, oven, knives, blender, and other kitchen tools. Sometimes it is very interesting for kids to stick their heads near the mixer to see food transform. Just be sure it is done safely. Adults should not text, watch TV or run to change a radio station while this is happening. Which leads me to #3…


3. Supervise Kids in the Kitchen

Pre-teen girl standing at the hob in the kitchen preparing food with her grandmother and mother, close up, selective focus

It is important to supervise kids in the kitchen at all times. Do not leave them alone in the kitchen, even for a minute. If you need to step away, take them with you. It is also important to make sure they are staying safe while cooking. Watch them closely as they cook and help them with any tasks they are not familiar with. Accidents only take a second. Please be vigilant. Avoid distractions. Distractions make recipes take longer anyway.


4. Keep Kitchen Floors Clean

A cute golden retriever lying on the floor in a messy kitchen

Keep your kitchen floors clean and free of spills and messes. This will help prevent accidents from happening. Sweep or vacuum regularly and mop as needed. Make sure to keep any cords out of the way so kids don’t trip over them. We joke with kids about falling over their things at night while heading to an unexpected bathroom break while sleeping. They get this!

5. Use Kitchen Appliances Properly

It is important to use kitchen appliances properly to avoid accidents. Follow the instructions that came with the appliance and use caution when operating it. Do not put undue stress on an appliance – if it seems like it’s struggling, stop using it.

6. Store Kitchen Appliances Properly

When not in use, store kitchen appliances safely out of reach of kids. This includes knives, blenders, ovens, and other appliances. Lock up any hazardous materials so kids can’t get to them.

7. Use Appropriate Cutlery

Kids should use appropriate cutlery when cooking – no sharp knives! Teach them which utensils are appropriate for their age and ability level, and make sure they are using them correctly.



8 . Avoid Hot Surfaces

When cooking on the stovetop, use pots and pans with handles that extend away from the heat source. This will help keep you safe from most basic kitchen accidents.



Hope this short list helps. If adults keep these in mind, kids will be much safer. Discussing kitchen and food safety is very important and lets kids feel involved. Have fun and be safe.