Chefsville is honored to collaborate with the following great organizations. Each of which is or has won a gold standard for their own industry.

Our partnership with Big Thought has allowed us to come into Dallas public schools and libraries for over 5 years. There are approximately 214 elementary and secondary schools, of which, we have had the pleasure to be in over 200 of these.

Our partnership with Junior League and the Children’s Medical Center of Plano allows us to be in the Kids in the Kitchen program. This is an annual event, and we make sure we have the kids in the kitchen and not in bounce houses.

Our partnership with the Community Council of Greater Dallas allows us to participate with Get Kids Fit which is the largest family fitness health fair in Dallas. This program is annually, and in the past we have managed two food demonstration areas at Fair Park. This program has between 1500 and 3000 families in attendance annually.

Our partnership with various school systems allows us to come in to public schools with assembly programs, and classroom curriculum support for math, science, language arts and social studies. We have been conducting programs like these to build equity for the students for six years.

Our partnerships with the various PTA/PTO organizations allow us to come into schools for after-school programs, PTA/PTO fund raising at carnivals and fairs, international cultural nights, math nights, and science nights.

Our partnership with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas allows us to conduct badge work with various Girl Scout levels. Everyone loves to eat, and most love to cook. We have had the honor of coming to Service Unit camps, provide programming at GS centers and facilities, and work with many, many troops. Helping the ladies get their various badges is one of the greatest parts of my job.

We have a similar relationship with the Boy Scouts of America Circle 10. Boys learn food and kitchen safety, while exploring the world of cooking. We provide services for scouts to complete their badge-work to earn cooking achievements.

Our collaborations with various cities allow us to be part of their programs at Libraries and Parks/Recreation centers. We even have traveled so that we can achieve a larger audience.

Chefsville has collaborated with many grocery chains and supermarkets to provide cooking demonstrations and to provide nutritional education through a chef’s perspective.

There is one collaboration also with the IEDC (Informal Educators of Dallas County). This collaboration allows us to work with doctors of education. These educators work in art galleries, museums and many places of interest in Dallas. Our presence increased equity with those organizations because we find ways of promoting their cause as well as not competing with them.

All of our partners and collaboration organizations are wonderful. They bring joy to the education world. Both adults and kids benefit by their hard work and achievements.

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