North Texas Giving Day 2017

[h1]North Texas Giving Day[/h1]

North Texas Giving Day is on 9/14. It is an all day extravaganza from 6am until midnight. Chefsville® is very delighted to be a part of the North Texas Giving Day. Please plan on helping us meet our fundraising goal of $15,000.


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North Texas Giving Day
[h3]Here are some ways to help us:[/h3] [h4]As an alternative for waiting until 9/14, schedule your gift between 9/7 thru 9/13 by going to Chefsville® NTxGivingDay Page[/h4] [unordered] [line]Social Media your friends and ask them to visit Chefsville® NTxGivingDay Page.[/line] [line]At work, please speak to your co-workers about forming a small donation group, then donate at the above link.[/line] [line]Approach your employer – this is important – companies will donate to their employee’s requests. In most cases, small and medium sized businesses are just waiting for a great reason to give to a local charity. Especially if the employee knows about the charity and can make the request. Usually your manager or HR will know who handles such requests. When making the request, there are several ways businesses can help:
your company can decide to match dollar for dollar what is donated, or the company may give a donation directly to Chefsville® NTxGivingDay Page
your donation group’s donation will be multiplied not just by your company but by all matching fund donors on that day who are registered with Chefsville®.[/line] [line]Your spouse or significant other. Ask them to commit to the same requests listed above. Chefsville® would be so thankful.[/line] [line]Help volunteer with us on North Texas Giving Day. We plan to be at several of the LIVE events all across the DFW. Plus we may do a live feed of our own on that day to help build awareness and direct donors
to our organization.[/line] [/unordered]

Whichever method of helping us you choose, know that you are making a difference in children’s lives. Your gift and effort will allow Chefsville® to provide programming for the underprivileged that children need for a lifetime. These programs reduce family violence, abuse and neglect while building family unity. Strong families make strong communities.

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