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Chefsville offers nutritional programs delivered to your school, library, or civic group. Town hall meetings are important so that communities are informed on what is the latest and greatest information in the nutrition world.

Chefsville Nutrition will come to your location and demonstrate how to use nutritious ingredients and a variety of cooking techniques.

Nutritional food is not longer boring or bland.

Our chefs have experience working as the main chef for Sprouts Farmer’s Markets amongst others, who bring family educational programming and cooking demonstrations to your area.

This food is creative, exciting food that is exciting, flavorful, colorful, loaded with texture and extremely satisfying.

Contact us either by e-mail or by phone to schedule a demonstration or workshop. We also take great care of dietary needs, preferences & any food sensitivities.

Many of our clients are on special and modified diets.

Our clients remember these foods for a lifetime! And they want to learn to make nutritious foods themselves.


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