Welcome to Cooking Club

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Welcome to Cooking Club

We are so thrilled that you have signed up your son, daughter or children for our programs. They are going to have a wonderful time learning about food.

At Chefsville, safety comes first. Chefsville has a Code of Conduct and our programs are designed to keep everyone safe.

The first session is introductory. Club members meet their instructor(s), learn our safety rules, and practice hand washing, food safety and kitchen safety. At the same time, we learn about your kids. Kids let us know what they like to cook, what they like to eat, how they make things at home, how often they are welcomed into the kitchen to cook and who the fussy eaters are.

Through activities, games, relays as well as food preparation and cooking we all start the adventure.

The first day is generally a get to know you and a demonstration on the quality of food that we will make together. They see a demonstration and learn each session they will be cooking more and more.

One main goal behind Chefsville is to get kids off extra sugar and extra salts that are in their diets. This is so they can actually get used to fresh foods and working with ingredients instead of boxed or prepared foods.

There are so many cultures, ingredients, and equipment that children will never get bored with cooking. Food is a fantastic vehicle to get kids to grow in school. Food and cooking connect with math, science, language arts, and social studies. Chefsville has so many different programs to get kids into these connections. Cooking Club is a great way to begin.

For the younger kids, many of our handouts and teaching aids have been broken down to an easier reading level by substituting pictures. We may have some games, worksheets and activities to bring the points home to our young chefs.

It is a real honor to have your child(ren) in our program. Please read the “Code of Conduct” for Cooking Club below and if you have any questions, cares or concerns, please contact us or your instructor at your earliest convenience.

Thank you and we send our best regards,

Chef Scott and the Chefsville Team

Chefsville Dress Code Student Contract Code of Conduct

Chefsville is so pleased that you have chosen us to serve you and your family. It is an honor to teach and instruct each club member. Please open and read each of these items. Return the Student Contract on the first day of cooking club to the instructor.[/text-box]