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Bacon Roasted Pecans

Bacon Roasted Pecans

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OMG, these are incredible! Use whatever nuts you like. Here we make the top of the line Bacon roasted pecans to highlight the south where the pecan is king. Back in the 1920s, sandwiches were the craze! One book had over 700 sandwich recipes and this probably came from one of them. Or could this recipe been inspiration to the 1920’s Dixieland Sandwich??? Seven Hundred Sandwiches/Florence A Cowles [Little, Brown:Boston] 1928.  “Put through the food chopper half a pound of roasted peanuts, three slices of fried bacon and one can pimentos. Mix with salad dressing and use on any preferred kind of bread.” (p. 118) Whichever way it went, these are some of the best in nut recipes to be served as a way of welcoming your most special guests. Use this for the holidays or for special events or when you feel like playing around. The saying that “everything …

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