Birdcall Free Cooking Class

Free Salad Cooking Class: A Flavorful Journey to Healthy Eating 🥗

Unveiling the Art of Salad Making at the Grand Opening of Birdcall in Richardson!

Do you have a zest for fresh flavorsome foods and a passion to create mouth-watering salads? Join us at Chefsville’s FREE Salad Cooking Class, where your taste buds will embark on a culinary adventure!

This isn’t just your average cooking class—immerse yourself in a world of crisp, fresh ingredients that are bound to invigorate your palate and inspire your young chefs. Perfect for health-conscious families, this class will teach you and your kids the secrets to crafting the ultimate salad and a heavenly dressing that’ll make every meal special.

🍃 Class Highlights:
Completely Free: That’s right—unleash your inner chef at no cost!

Dress to Impress: Learn the art of making the perfect salad dressing.

Fresh is Best: Experience the joy of eating and preparing fresh, vibrant salads.
Young Chefs Welcome: Kids aged 7 and up will discover inspiration handling fresh ingredients.
Fresh Mission: We believe in making fresh, delicious food accessible, a shared mission with the newly opening Birdcall restaurant in Richardson.

📍 Location:
Join us amidst the fun and flair of the new Birdcall restaurant at:
Huffhines Recreation Center
200 N. Plano Road,
Richardson, Texas

⏰ Time & Date:
Get ready to toss up some fun on:
Sunday, February 18, 2024
11:15 AM – 1:00 PM

✨ Register Today!
We’ve only got room for the first 26 culinary explorers (kids aged 7+), so hurry and secure your spot!

Free Registration / Free Class

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Grab this chance to whisk through the wonderful world of salads and make your Sunday one to remember! 🌟