Cheat Days

I must admit that the idea of a “cheat day” when dieting or building better health does sound intriguing. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to “cheat” one day a week or two weeks from their new eating regiment. The trick is to balance it and not go overboard.

Step 1: What are your cravings and urges? Write them down and decide which one you want to “cheat” on.

Step 2: Only cheat “halfway”. This will keep you from going overboard in your indulgence!
For example, I had a date night with my wife and we split a $15 hamburger. They actually split it in the back and gave us two full salads instead of French fries. I thought that was great! My wife was happy and her comment was “It has been a while since I have had a really good hamburger. The size was just right.”

Step 3: Don’t be alone. No sneaking and piling a buffet plate 12 inches tall with stuff that you know most of it will end up in the rubbish heap. Have someone with you who can just be there to be sure you are enjoying the “cheat”.

Step 4: Enjoy the Cheat day! Honestly, one cheat is worth it. But more than that, again, go to Step 3, have someone with you to be sure you don’t decide that inflation is on your side with this “cheat day” session.

Step 5. Trust the process and commit to your new eating plan/regiment. Expect a day or two backward on the scale or being the same weight for a few days, but you may find you are happier and more committed to developing better health knowing that it’s OK to cheat once in a while.

Chef Scott is not a dietitian or nutritionist. He is a chef and educator. Chef Scott feels that people should try to enjoy what they are doing even if it first seems like “ugh” weightless or diet or eating healthy. Those kinds of lifestyle changes take time to develop.

Chef Scott and his wife, Sarah, have gotten into the plant-based food movement such as “Forks over Knives”. They won’t give up all meat proteins at this time, but they eat 95% less fried foods and have found that there is a way to enjoy more plant-based participants in their meals. The result has been they are losing weight and are healthier.

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