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Today is North Texas Giving Day, and there is a link for you.

Chefsville, as an educational charity, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, desires and relies on the generous contributions from our community to continue to provide educational services to meet our goals and objectives. There are many ways you can help.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for all of our presentations and fundraising events.  If this interests you please contact us at 972-516-0325.
Alternate Donations


(stocks, bonds, units of a mutual fund trust, or interest in a related segregated fund trust) Donations of securities receive a great tax benefit. In addition to recognized IRS tax deductions, donations of publicly listed securities to public charities are exempt from capital gains tax. Ask your financial advisor for full details of how a gift of securities would benefit your tax situation.

A gift of life insurance can have either an immediate or deferred tax benefit. Upon a transfer of ownership of the policy to Chefsville, you will receive a receipt for the Cash Surrender Value of the policy and receipts for any future payments you make on the policy. A deferred gift of life insurance simply involves naming Chefsville as the beneficiary or co-beneficiary and upon payment of the policy, in which a tax receipt will be issued in the name of your estate.

3. Intellectual property such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights.

4. Works of music or art, licenses and royalties, automobiles, boats, planes or other vehicles, and collectibles.

One of the biggest misconceptions about leaving a bequest to a charity is that it is complex and only for the wealthy or those who have no children. That cannot be further from the truth. A bequest is one of the easiest ways to make a gift to a charity, usually for a significantly larger amount than you ever imagined. A bequest may take the form of a specified cash amount, a list of securities or property, or a percentage of the estate. No matter the form of gift the bequest takes, the estate and possibly the preceding tax year realize the tax benefit.

This method of donation provides you with the opportunity to remember special individuals with a tribute gift. Gifts may be made “In Memory of” an individual to commemorate a loved one’s life, or “In Honor of” an individual who is special in your life. Gifts may also be made in honor of special occasions, such as birthdays, graduation, and anniversaries. At your request, Chefsville will send a hand-written card to the individual whom you designate to notify them of your gift. The amount will not be disclosed.

7. Workplace Campaigns & Matching Gifts Many companies have a Corporate Matching Gift Program and will match your monetary and/or volunteer contribution with a corporate gift. Check with your employer to find out if they offer opportunities to increase the value of your giving. Make Chefsville your Choice for Charitable Giving . Every donation is highly appreciated and special recognition is made to our donors in our Annual Report. The Annual Report is shared with other donors, interested corporations, foundations, and other non-profit agencies in the community who are interested in our mission. Donor, client and volunteer information is not shared, sold, rented or traded to any outside organization. Only with written consent will any personal information be provided regarding donations or program participation, unless there is a legal or ethical obligation to do so. Information provided to us is used to issue receipts for income tax purposes, comply with the IRS and U.S. regulatory agencies. Your privacy is respected. If you have made a donation and do not wish to have your name published in the Annual Report, please notify Chefsville at the time of your donation and advise us as to your request.

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