Girl Scout Junior Simple Meals

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Girl Scouts’ Junior’s Simple Meals

Junior's Simple Meals

[unordered title=”Requirements filled during program” align=”left”] [line]Scouts will learn to create healthy morning eats[/line] [line]Fix a healthy lunch – From homemade pasta dough, to special sauces with wonderful kid-approved flavor combinations[/line] [line]Kitchen and Knife Safety[/line] [line]Meal Planning[/line] [/unordered]

Simple Meals

is a fun and interactively educational program for your Girl Scout troop

Chefsville Kids™ has designed a set of cooking programs based on the new Girl Scout program requirements. These are hands-on cooking sessions filled with lively discussions and activities. Your girls will work with our chefs to measure, mix and prepare deliciously (and healthy) meals and snacks – all while they complete steps toward earning their new or Legacy Cooking Badges.

Scouts will get hands-on cooking experience as we learn the steps to creating easy, healthy, and (of course) tasty meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All of the following menu options fulfill the requirements for one of the five steps toward earning the Legacy Cook Junior Badge. With every menu option, your troop will complete step number one – “step up your skills with a pro” – by participating in a kitchen lesson and demonstration of techniques by the chef instructor.

Menu changes seasonally. An example would be where scouts make their own gnocchi dough, shape it, cook it, then sauce it. A tomato salad with fresh herbs, or tomato confit. Kids will make Alfredo Sauce or fresh pesto sauce, depending upon food allergies. Chefsville has a variety of dessert options that include seasonal fruits and other pastry specialties that kids will make again and again.

Depending upon the season, Chefsville enjoys bringing in the freshest produce available. Chef Scott and his team will make the foods taste fantastic for the girl scouts.

One main goal that Chefsville has is to help the scout feel comfortable in the kitchen through safety. Our safety info will be covered, regardless. Then the kids will feel free to use critical thinking skills as well as problem-solving to make the most wonderful dishes.

Chefsville, since 2011, has done over 170 of these programs. We have worked with Service Unit Leaders, Troop Leaders, Assistant Troop Leaders and parents.

If your group is too small, then how about two troops getting together for this Simple Meals program. Chefsville is a non-profit and we exist in part to work with the girl scouts around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

For 4th and 5th graders, $25 per child

All scout classes have a 6-child minimum or $150.00.

Program length 1:45 – 2 hours.

.5 hour total time for setup and clean-up time is required.

Scholarships available and some classes may have corporate sponsors.

To schedule your event please email us at or call us at (972) 516-0325.
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