Food Revolution! Chefsville is a part of this great initiative

Chefsville hails Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”


There is a food revolution in North Texas to help families make healthier choices when it comes to food. Nutritional cooking is fun, colorful, satisfying and can engage all family members.

Chefsville is a series of cooking classes, camps, workshops and cooking expositions designed to help families revolutionize how they think about food. These are cooking adventures that connect with family, community, culture, arts and academics.

Chefsville is an educational non-profit that helps families avoid and overcome obesity. Founder and President, Chef Scott and a dedicated team of cooks provide family education at GetKidzFit (the biggest health and wellness expo in North Texas), and Kids in the Kitchen program hosted by the JCs.

Chefsville is a huge fan of Jamie Oliver. We’ve been following Chef Jamie and his work for over 9 years now and stand by to further the cause of childhood obesity avoidance. There is also a coalition called the Dallas Coalition for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity in which Chef Scott is a member of. Chef Scott also sat on the Remington College of Culinary Arts Program Advisory Committee. These are such honors and this shows how the “Food Revolution” is being accepted in North Texas through Chef Scott’s influence.

This is Chef Scott reporting on Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” which premiered tonight on our local ABC affiliate. This was a long awaited program. The episode definitely showed some of what we are working to overcome with our Chefsville programming.

Let me start by saying we’ve encountered so many people who support us: teachers, medical professionals, dietitians, nutritionists, culinary schools, city council and mayors, school district superintendents, principals, senators and congresspeople.

However, when we bring our programming to school districts, we found our challenges. First challenge was to educate the children on the USDA and now Then we add to it fun and exciting relays that get the kids going. Next kids are introduced to kitchen safety, then finally, cooking and nutrition.

Jamie started at the grass roots in Huntington, West Virginia by arriving there and heading into the largest radio station to declare why he was there. Next a church welcomed Jamie. The pastor invited Jamie to meet a family who definitely needed Jamie’s help.

Jamie then proceed to show the family what they eat in a week. He loaded the table up with the list of junk and processed food. Then he showed them. Of course it upset the mom, who’s husband was a trucker on the road. But this was necessary, as Jamie wants to join the family in helping them learn to take back their health.

Be a part of the White House petition for healthier food choices in our schools. Click here!

Next, please contact Chef Scott at 972-516-0325 and let him book a trip to your kids local school, library, or youth club.

Chefsville cooking programs are your way of getting involved!

Chefsville conducts cooking classes, workshops, cooking expositions and camps! Call them at 972/516-0325.

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