Great Cooking Programs – New Company Name

Chefsville connects cooking with family, community, culture and the academics! Chefsville offers great cooking and art programs preferred by so many of our clients.

We have been so honored that our great cooking programs have been a hit in the Dallas Metroplex for almost 10 years. Chefsville and Chefsville Kids have always been the program names.
Now we have changed the company name in the hopes of attracting more adult audiences.

All of my chef jackets, shirts, aprons, and hats all have “Chefsville” embroidered on them. I don’t have to re-embroider anything.

1st Class Kids great cooking and art programs

The problem with our old company name was that most adults and parents quickly dismiss us and assumed we are a kids company. We always had adult cooking programs.

All of our recipes, artwork, activities, and curriculum documents have been updated, enhanced, and reviewed by certified educators for quality. Great cooking programs got us started and we continue along that main theme.

We hope you like the new “Chefsville” name. Did I mention great cooking? Please enjoy our website. We welcome you with information on our programs, events, pictures, videos, registration forms, volunteering, employment, and our new recipe blog. In the future we have many upgrades planned to inspire. We will engage you with comics, games, and other educational information and links eating healthy and learning about nutrition.

Chefsville has now obtained its 501c3 recognition. Soon we will offer programs that engage donors, corporations, and product placement,

2016 is going to be a great year for Chefsville. The great cooking will continue as we educate on health and nutrition. We hope to make it part of your family’s year. Join us by registering for our great cooking programs.

There are lots of new things happening. New products, equipment, recipes and more emphasis on eating healthy. Please join us and drop us a note if we can serve you in any way.

On to Great cooking! WOW! Look what’s new?

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