Personal Chef Services

Affordable Personal Chef Services



· Busy people on the go
· New Parents
· During times of grief
· Clients on special diets
· Executive / Professionals
· Birthdays
· Seniors

We offer creative, exciting food that is exciting, flavorful, colorful, loaded with texture and extremely satisfying.

Once you call, we will meet, get to know you, your dietary needs, preferences & any food sensitivities.

Then we will create an affordable plan for you offering creative meal planning. Ingredients are sourced and your food is prepared under strict controls to be sure that your dietary needs are met.

Your meals are produced with care from quality ingredients. Meals are packaged and delivered right to you along with any instructions needed.

Most of our clients are on special and modified diets. Our chefs are super creative and can offer a variety of specialty dishes to meet your dietary needs.

  • Personal meals with delivery
  • Food consultations
  • Menu planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Food preparation
  • Personal meals in-home service
  • Birthday parties
  • Nutrition parties and gatherings
  • Classes, and cooking clubs
  • Cooking demonstrations, and workshops

Our clients remember these foods for a lifetime!

We consult with local nutritionists and dietitians.

Our Story:
Two years ago, Chef Scott began private chef services for a recovering heart patient with extremely strict requirements. He now receives healthy, exciting, creative & satisfying meals. Chef Scott has created over 500 different satisfying dishes loaded with taste, color and texture.

Contact us at 469-422-8321 for a free consultation.

Chefsville – Nutrition™ is a great value !!!

Our personal chef service has expertise in special dietary requirements and nutrition.

The Sad Truth:
Chefs are not required to learn about health and nutrition. Most chefs don’t take the time to understand about the different diets. I’ve found a lack of passion from chefs to work with those with special dietary needs. Many chefs follow a set of recipes and are not very creative.

We have the passion, care and experience you are looking for.

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