School Health Challenges

Schools all across America are challenging kids to come up with incredible healthy snacks.

Chefsville is often asked to attend schools and provide some satisfying and delicious demonstrations.

We hail any organization working to help families live a healthier lifestyle.

These challenges can be a wonderful way of bringing kids into the kitchen to build their self-feeding skills among other things. To celebrate your time in the kitchen with the kids we want to offer the following fun recipes that are Snacks.

Chefsville Hanging Rack


Click here for Tzatziki Recipe











Pea Puree

Click here for Pea Puree Recipe








Click here for Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe


Orange Creamsicle Smoothie








Lettuce Wraps

Click here for Lettuce Wraps recipe






Apple Pocket Sandwiches


Click here for Grilled Apple Pocket Sandwiches







Fruit Nachos


Click here for Fruit Nachos









Click here for Crostini recipe









Click here for Cannoli with Orange Ricotta recipe





Strawberry Soup

Click here for Cannoli with Strawberry Soup recipe







Caprise Salad Bites

Click here for Caprese Salad Bites recipe







Apple Peanut Butter Wraps

Click here for Apple Peanut Butter Wraps recipe







Roasted Salsa

Click here for Roasted Salsa recipe







Yogurt Parfait

Click here for Yogurt Parfait recipe